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Product Disclaimer

PWD Rush Solvent is sold legally online. Rush Solvent products contain isobutyl nitrite.  Solvents fall under CAS 542-56-3 / UN2351. And, are lawfully manufactured, labeled, marketed and sold for use as solvent cleaner. This is in compliance with 15 U.S. Code § 2057a.

pwd rush solvent

PWD Rush Solvent Do Not Contain Amyl Nitrate

No products contain amyl nitrate. So, when you enter poppers4u.com you must be 18+. And, if you choose to make a purchase from poppers4u.com you acknowledge your agreement to not use these products in a manner that is inconsistent with their labeling.

PWD Rush Solvent and Terms of Service

Also, if you use this site in any manner you are bound by Terms of Service. Please read and understand Terms of Service before entering. We never sell to minors and protect the privacy of our customers. For more about our privacy policy please see Privacy Policy Here.

PWD Rush Solvent – Learn to Spot Fakes

Also, real Rush does not have or use a cap that has logo or ‘Never Fake It’ on the cap. That cap is retired over 2 years ago. So, China counterfeiters and others have already copied the bottles. And, it has been well over two years since PWD products were authorized to be put in logo bottles. As a result, if you see a logo on the bottom of the bottle. Then it’s fake.

PWD Rush Solvent and Super Rush

All products have the name on the back panel. So, you should see PAC-West Distributing NV LLC. As a result, if your product does not have exact name on the label. It is not genuine! You can check it out at the website. PAC West

PWD Rush Poppers Quick Check

Look for the Red Cap. No Red Cap then it’s fake.
See logo on the bottom of the bottle? Then it’s fake.
Look at back. If it doesn’t read PAC-WEST DISTRIBUTING NV LLC it’s fake.