Xavier Zuniga Reviews Iron Horse

Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga, your intrepid and, some say, overly generous Warehouse Manager.  I’ve been busy in the testing center once again with a return volunteer from Korea.  I continued on my alphabetical journey which brought me to PWD Iron Horse.  For those who don’t know, PWD, Pac West Distributing, is the parent company of […]

Poppers Near by in Omaha

Omaha Lover Luxuries

  On a trip from Chicago to Denver across I-80 supplies had run low, and the video player needed cleaning.   With des Moines already in the rearview mirror, we scoped ahead zeroing in on Loveland, Nebraska at the end of 880.  Turns out there were no options so headed backdown i-29 toward Omaha with Lover […]

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA

Jungle Juice Poppers - Gold Large

Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA is, in my considered and experienced opinion, one of the nicest and most effective cleaners that we sell. It comes on strong but not obnoxiously so, helping you get into and keep inside a very pleasant groove that will quickly lead to a highly successful resolution.

Xavier Zuniga Reviews Jungle Juice Black Label

Jungle Juice Black Label Extreme

Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga and as I promised I’ve been busy testing products to better help you make an informed choice.  In fact, I have tested three products in as many days!  No wonder Neal calls me “generous.”  I’ll take that! After spending a good amount of time with the Double Scorpio family, a process […]