Double Scorpio Poppers

Double Scorpio is the biggest thing to hit the solvent cleaner market since the invention of poppers in the 1970s, so this should be interesting.  Double Scorpio has a very loyal following who are willing to pay by far the highest prices commanded by the market for any product line.

Original price was: $7.95.Current price is: $5.30.
Original price was: $144.45.Current price is: $109.95.

I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased with my experience with Double Scorpio!  This is a very low odor product so at first I was kind of wondering if anything was going to happen.  And then there it was, not a ramp up, rather just an effortless jump up to the plateau.  Not overwhelming, certainly not the “strongest,” although I question what that even means at times, but also not anything I would describe as subtle or low/medium strength.

My experience of Double Scorpio almost defies words.  It was an elevation, no, like a transporter, suddenly there where you want to be, not jolted, just transferred.  And it was a very nice place to be, an excellent platform, not too high, not too low, just perfect.  This was a long lasting plateau so you don’t need a lot of product to get there and stay there.  The come down was gentle as well. This was the Bentley of solvent cleaner experiences.  Smooth as opposed to subtle, a ride you won’t forget and like nothing you’ve had before.

So, let’s take the bull by the horns and head on address everyone’s complaint: Double Scorpio is SO expensive on your site.  Yes, that is absolutely true and the reason for that is because Double Scorpio is by far the most expensive line of cleaners for us to acquire even on a wholesale level.  And yes, you can buy Double Scorpio products cheaper elsewhere but you do so at your own risk.  Remember, EVERYTHING can and will be counterfeited these days and we GUARANTEE your satisfaction with what we sell or we will replace it free of charge.  And we have amazing customer service representatives so we actually answer your phone calls live and your emails the day we receive them.  We take extra care in our packaging to ensure your product arrives safely and discretely.  And we ship EVERYWHERE the USPS delivers via your choice of First Class Mail (1-7 days), Priority Mail (1-3 days) and even Priority Mail Express (1-2 days guaranteed).  And every shipment is fully trackable.  No other vendor offers these advantages so if we are bit more expensive it is because we are going that extra mile or two to be certain you have an excellent experience.