Many consumers remain unclear about the best methods for storing solvent cleaners or poppers.  As long as they remain in their original seal, popper can remain fresh for years, especially if stored in cool and dry areas, refrigerated, or especially, frozen.

Of course, the popper bottle has to be opened to be used and it is what we do in terms of storage after opening that has the greatest relevance.

The first and best advice is to use the solvent cleaners immediately after they have been opened.

Always allow solvent cleaners to come to room temperature, if stored refrigerated/frozen, before opening.  The cleaners are much more potent when at room temperature.  NEVER apply heat to bring the cleaner to temperature.  Solvent cleaners are very sensitive to heat and they are highly flammable.  Directly heating the bottle can cause the glass to shatter as well.

IMG 1774 Medium
PWD Poppers in the Refrigerator

Always be sure to tightly close the cap to ensure that the cleaner is not exposed to air for long periods of time.

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