The chemicals that would become today’s poppers were first discovered in the mid to late 18th century and it wasn’t until the 1970s that some in gay male community turned them into a party and sexual enhancer.  Since then, poppers have become popular with people across the sexuality spectrum and poppers are no more gay that alcohol or tobacco.

The original “poppers” were amyl nitrates that were prescribed for angina, a heart condition.  The medication came in fabric wrapped glass ampules that made a “pop” sound when crushed for use, hence the name poppers.  Amyl nitrates have been replaced with more advanced medicines and the poppers of today are almost always solvent cleaners such as alkyl nitrites which includes isobutyl nitrite.

While heterosexual and homosexual people differ in the sexual and emotional attachments, they continue to have exactly the same basic physical biology so their bodies react the same to the same stimulus, in this case solvent cleaners being used recreationally.

It is important to note that the recreational use of solvent cleaners is prohibited and unsafe.  The only use for which Poppers4U sells these products is as solvent cleaners intended for tough cleaning tasks.

Some women find poppers especially useful in achieving orgasm and maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual life.

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