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Popper Effects Within Body

Popper effects within body. Especially relevant, effects popper inhalants within body are most likely to be associated with gay lifestyle. However, both gay and straight use popper inhalants as a mood enhancer. So, what are popper effects within body?

Popper Effects

First of all, amyl nitrite was first made in 1844. And, popular treatment for cyanid poisoning. However, it became recognized as a recreational drug in the 1970s. Probably, beginning in the gay community. Hence, gay men learned that poppers helped them feel relaxed. Either emotionally and or physically. Because, popper inhalants increased lovemaking. And, made anal sex easier and pleasant. Therefore, increased orgasm.

Popper Effects Today

Poppers continue in use today. Most of all in party-and-play sex marathons. When participants have sessions for hours at a time. The use of poppers as a mood substance spread around from the gay community to straight community. And, becoming more common with the disco growth of the 1970s. Also, the club scenes of the eighties and 90s.

Popper Effects

Popper effects cause brief feeling lasting a few minutes. And, poppers are often used in preparation for sex. In the club scene a bit different. Because, use is not associated with sex. Rather, for an immediate ‘rush.’ And, sensation of relaxing euphoria, feeling of elevation and intoxication.

Popper Research

Research on poppers is scarce for several reasons. Most notably, many health care professionals do not know about the recreational use of poppers. Doctors want people to realize that poppers can potentially be harmful. Also, when inhaled and mixed with erection medications like Viagra. Because, poppers can cause harmful blood pressure levels. And possible death.

Popper Effects with Fakes

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popper effects

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