Hi!  It’s your intrepid and overly generous Warehouse Manager Xavier Zuniga here again with more tales from the testing facility.  I’d decided to test out Crypt Tonight since it is one of our best priced products, even better priced when you buy two, and I am back with a report.

This time I used two volunteers spread over two occasions to really give full perspective to Crypt Tonight as a cleaner.  I decided to check out Crypt Tonight from TOP to BOTTOM, so to speak.  I think it is always important to be very versatile when testing out products.

I started at the top end of things and I was really pleased with the effectiveness of Crypt Tonight.  Crypt Tonight was immediately effective and right away stains started to lift quickly.  The effect was so great that there was a rather quick danger of new stains appearing as I don’t think I really expected Crypt Tonight to pack quite such a punch and my volunteer was a really dedicated and talented cleaner as well.  It proved to be a killer combination.

A day or two later, with a regular volunteer, it started from the bottom and cleaned up.  I’m not Superman (although some of my volunteers might disagree), but Crypt Tonight certainly brought me to my knees.  Crypt Tonight made it a very relaxing but not overwhelming process.  The stains really relaxed, you could say they practically gaped off the surface, and the test went on until everything was satisfyingly clean and finished.

I was really impressed with Crypt Tonight.  It did a great job without being overpoweringly strong and it is one of our most attractively priced cleaners out of the many we offer.  If you haven’t tried Crypt Tonight because you were suspicious of the “is it too good to be true” pricing, rest assured that Crypt Tonight is a very high quality and effective product.  Tell them Xavier sent you!