Although it may not always be obvious, many sites promoting and selling poppers these days are actually located overseas, usually in Europe but increasingly in China and other locations in Asia as well.  Absolutely you may buy many fine and excellent products from these locations but poppers may not be one of them for several reasons.

The standards to which poppers are manufactured, and indeed in some locations there are legal restrictions on the component chemicals and chemical strengths allowed, vary widely between jurisdictions.

Brands names you are familiar with and trust here in the United States are WIDELY counterfeited, especially in China.  Anyone with the cash can go to numerous Chinese websites and order whatever brand of popper they desire which will NOT be manufactured by the copyright holder of that brand nor authorized by such.  In other words, you are likely to end up with fakes.

300.250 fakes
Examples of Fake PWD Brand Poppers

Shipping costs from Europe or Asia are going to be considerably higher than our domestic shipping rates which start at $7.95 for ANYWHERE in the United States including overseas territories and possessions.  And we offer expedited and even next day express shipping across the United States and its territories as well.  We also ship to APO/FPO addresses including customs declarations when required.

And speaking of customs, it is likely that your order will be held in US Customs for an indefinite amount of time, further degrading the quality.  And it is not uncommon for US Customs to confiscate poppers being imported from abroad.  The seller you buy from will NOT reimburse or reship your order if it is confiscated by Customs authorities.  You will lose you money and your poppers with no recourse.

Transit times in our experience can be up to 6 weeks or even more when ordering from overseas poppers stores.  That is a great deal of time in overheated cargo containers which will result in the heat degradation of your poppers making them less potent when they finally reach you.  Most all of our orders reach their delivery location within 3 days via the US Postal Service.*

Brand names you can TRUST.  All of the brands we sell are the original formulas purchased directly from a single national distributor which controls and guarantees authenticity and quality.  Even our European brands such as Amsterdam, English Royale, and others are manufactured in the United States using the original formulas developed in Europe, in some cases formulas that are no longer even allowed in the country of origin.

poppers4u popper fakes
Fake Rush with Embossed Bottle

Poppers4U provides quality, consistency, quick processing, and some of the best customer service you will find anywhere.  We actually answer our phone from 7am to 7pm Pacific Time (530 POPPERS) and we reply to all emails the day we receive them.

We think you will like what you find here at Poppers4U and hope to see your order coming through soon. Use coupon code NOFAKES and get 15% off your order total for a limited time.

*There are the occasional exceptions which are beyond our control due to Post Office delivery issues