PWD Rush Popper Brands Are Back

PWD Rush Poppers

PWD Rush popper brands are back! Yes, that is right. PWD, PAC-West Distributing, a Nevada Limited Liability Company, has made the return of rush poppers a big deal. Rush poppers and Solvents are the fathers of the solvent business. And, they have done a good job. Since, the demise of the original owner, Rush is mostly fake and counterfeit.

Popper Counterfeits

China counterfeiters copied logos and bottles for many years. And, China manufacturers  still makes a lot of fake poppers on the market today. So, it is important to learn to spot the difference before jumping in and buying poppers online.  First in 10ml size original Rush poppers, Super Rush (red label), Rush Gold poppers and Rush Black are now shipping with the new PWD logo caps in red. So, look for the red cap. If it is not red then it’s fake. Also, PWD Rush poppers do not come in boxes. Furthermore,  they don’t come in blue bottles. Learn to spot the fakes.

pwd rush poppers

Rush and Super Rush

Also, real Rush does not have or use a cap that has logo or ‘Never Fake It’ on the cap. That cap is retired over 2 years ago. So, China counterfeiters and others have already copied the bottles. And, it has been well over two years since PWD products were authorized to be put in logo bottles. As a result, if you see a logo on the bottom of the bottle. Then it’s fake.

Super Rush and all Products

All products have the name on the back panel. So, you should see PAC-West Distributing NV LLC. As a result, if your product does not have exact name on the label. It is not genuine! You can check it out at the website. PAC West

PWD Rush Poppers Quick Check
  1. Look for the Red Cap. No Red Cap then it’s fake.
  2. See logo on the bottom of the bottle? Then it’s fake.
  3. Look at back. If it doesn’t read PAC-WEST DISTRIBUTING NV LLC it’s fake.

pwd rush poppers









rush popper real or fake comparison








When it comes to 30ml RUSH PWD products, expect to see a Hologram

Hologram = real poppers