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What are Poppers Today and Are They Safe?

Most poppers sold in the United States today are actually solvent cleaners from a class of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites. The original poppers was a prescription medication, first discovered and used to treat the heart condition angina, called amyl nitrate.  Amyl nitrates were removed from the market when better medications were found.  Today, isobutyl […]

Poppers Drug and Side Effects

Because it is very ill-advised to intentionally inhale the fumes from a solvent cleaner such as poppers (a common street term), the most common reason someone is exposed to these fumes is when cleaning items in a space that is not well ventilated.  This exposure almost immediately results in involuntary muscle relaxation which is followed […]

Risks Involved Poppers Inhalation

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While it is unfortunately true that some people intentionally inhale the fumes of poppers (solvent cleaners), this is not a recommended practice and we here at Poppers4U only sell poppers for the legitimate and legal use as cleaners.  Sometimes, when using solvent cleaners in a poorly ventilated space, accidental exposure can occur and you may […]

Isobutyl Nitrite When Inhaled

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The primary effect of poppers on the body is involuntary smooth muscle relaxation.  This primary effect leads to several potentially useful side effects, and it is for these side effects that poppers are most commonly used. The original discovery of the effect of poppers on the body was in 1867 (the chemical base of the […]