At Poppers 4U we focus on getting you the information you need about where to find poppers nearby. Our customers often send us leads on local stores that can be your ‘last minute popper supply location’.
Previously we recommended a different store but we reached back out to david to ask about another of his favorite spots, and he told us about Bob’s Magazine and video at 1207 state street Salt Lake City UT

rush poppers in salt lake city

Whether you are coming from Provo on the US 89, driving south from Ogden on I-15 you have a great option to buy poppers (no amyl nitrate). Staff can help you make sound choices between the alkyl nitrites or isobutyl nitrites found in Dirty 30 and many other unique brands. Ask about the bondage gear that can make the drive to Table Rock, Wyoming on I-80 seem a bit shorter..
Mostly enjoy the helpful staff, ample parking and bountiful selection of premium rush poppers