Most poppers sold in the United States today are actually solvent cleaners from a class of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites. The original poppers was a prescription medication, first discovered and used to treat the heart condition angina, called amyl nitrate.  Amyl nitrates were removed from the market when better medications were found.  Today, isobutyl nitrite is the most common compound found in the solvent cleaners manufactured and sold as poppers in the United States.

Poppers today come in a wide range of sizes and brands.  Here at Poppers4U, we offer 58 brands to chose from, most available in both 10ml and 30ml sizes so we can meet your preferences in brand as well as in size.  None of our competitors online, and certainly none of our retail competitors, offer anything resembling the wide variety that Poppers4U makes available to you every day.
While the chemical composition of poppers manufactured in the United States are well known and described on every bottle, there is a flood of fake poppers coming in from overseas and most of these counterfeits are coming from China.  Usually fakes are easy to spot once you know what to look for.  Rush brands (Rush, Super Rush, Super Rush Black, Gold Rush) are the most widely faked but we can help you learn how to spot them.  First look at the cap.  Real Rush brands come with a red cap.  If the cap is black it is probably a fake.  Real Rush bottles are plain brown glass; they are NOT embossed with raised letters that spell RUSH nor are they ever blue.  Real Rush brands do not come in boxes of any size or color.  Real Rush brands will never be labelled as “nail polish remover” or “aroma” or “incense.”  All real Rush brands have Pac West Distributing Nevada LLC.
Not only do counterfeit poppers rob established brands of income, they can also be dangerous.  Short of taking a bottle of faked poppers to an analytical chemist there is no way to know what the contents actually are.  And as we have seen repeatedly, some adulterated and fake Chinese products can be very dangerous.  Be sure you are getting the real thing to be as safe as possible.
Poppers are only legally sold as solvent cleaners.  You should never intentionally inhale the fumes although this does often happen when using these products as cleaners.  The inhallation of the fumes causes muscle relaxation, which increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure.  This can make you dizzy and flushed.  Some people find the sensation very pleasant and even erotic, leading some people to misuse poppers as a sexual enhancer because the muscle relaxation includes those in the anus, the throat, and the vagina.
The most common side effect is a headache that passes once the exposure to the popper fumes ends.
However, we have to tell you that there is a very small risk of death if you were to swallow a bottle of poppers. But this is a very rare risk with only 23 popper related deaths reported between 1971 and 2009. That said, anyone with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PDD) must NEVER use poppers because the risk of death is much higher. This is a rare condition and if you have it you will have known so since you were a child as it is a genetic illness, not one that develops later in life.
In very rare cases there have been reports of impaired or lost vision but these effects were temporary and resolved on their own once the use of poppers was stopped. These concerns have only been reported from Europe and the popper formulas used there are different from those used in the United States so it is unlikely that similar issues would occur in the US and it highlights why you should avoid imported poppers and stick with those manufactured in the United States.
Certain medications, especially those for erectile dysfunction such as sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra), and tadalafil (Cialis), and some blood pressure medications, can interact in a bad way with poppers so if you use these medications don’t use poppers until you have first talked to your doctor or pharmacist about whether it is safe to do so.
Poppers can cause chemical burns if the come into contact with the skin and are not immediately washed off. When cleaning with solvent cleaners of this type you should always wear gloves.
Also poppers are very flammable. Be very careful around open flames and smoking material.
So, poppers have some risks but using common sense and guidance from experts like ourselves will allow you to use poppers, for the legitimate and legal uses only of course, with little to no risk to yourself or others.


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