Real PWD branded RUSH family poppers have been back on the market for well over 4 years now.  Pac West Distributing Nevada LLC has revitalized the brand and the quality of the entire extended RUSH family but in the absence of the real thing counterfeited fakes crept into the market, mostly from China.  Be aware of the fakes and learn how to spot them.

China manufacturers still makes a lot of fake poppers on the market today. So it is important to learn to spot the difference. Rush poppers and Super Rush are now shipping with the new PWD logo caps in red. So, look for the red cap. If it is not red then it’s fake. Also, PWD Rush poppers do not come in boxes and they don’t come in blue bottles.

pwd rush poppers

Be sure to perform the following quick check on any potential bottle of RUSH you intend to purchase:

  1. Look for the red cap. If there is a black cap it is probably fake RUSH. 
  2. If you see a name or logo embossed into the glass of the bottom of the bottle then it is a fake.
  3. Look at back of the bottle. If it doesn’t read PAC-WEST DISTRIBUTING NV LLC then it’s a fake.

pwd rush poppers

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