PWD Solvent Cleaners – 30ml Size


FAQ: How can I make my solvent cleaner last as long as possible?

We have lots of first hand experience with ways to make solvent cleaners last longer and we are happy to share some ideas with you below.

Solvent cleaners degrade when they are exposed to the oxygen and water vapor in the air which happens every time you open the bottle, so the less often you need to open the bottle the longer your purchase will last. These are some ways to reduce opening the bottle and the air exposure that follows.

Tip #1

You receive the greatest price benefit when you buy the larger 30ml bottles of solvent cleaner even if you only rarely use the product. At the same time you buy a large bottle, buy a smaller size of the same brand, if available, unless you already have one. As the quality of the smaller bottle degrades, over a period of about 2 weeks or so, replenish the small bottle from the large bottle. This reduces the number of times you expose you larger, or stock, bottle to the air so it stays fresh longer.

Tip #2

Instead of opening the bottle of solvent cleaner every time you want to use it, consider soaking a cotton ball in cleaner and then storing that in a small jar. As an example, an old fashioned film canister works nicely. Use the cleaner soaked into the cotton until it needs to be replenished. This also reduces the number of times your main supply needs to be opened.

We can provide, and soon will sell, a simple system designed along these lines that consists of cotton rolls and a snap-cap vial. Ask about it via email the next time you place an order and we will be happy to include one until such time as we introduce them for sale. Get your free one while it lasts!

Tip #3

An especially important step in making your solvent cleaners last as long as possible is to store them properly, at a minimum in a cool and dark place. As we discuss elsewhere, a refrigerator or freezer is an ideal storage space for solvent cleaners.

Tip #4

Before storing your solvent cleaners be sure the cap is sealed tightly. There will be no scent from a bottle of properly sealed solvent cleaner. A tightly closed cap prevents exposure to oxygen and water vapor.

Tip #5

Some solvent cleaner brands come with what is often referred to as a “power pellet.” These pellets filter out oxygen and water vapor keeping your solvent cleaners fresh and potent for a longer time. If you chose a brand that doesn’t feature this pellet we can supply you with pellets that you can add yourself to extend the life of your solvent cleaner. We will soon be selling these pellets at ~20 to a pack but until that time comes you can request that they be added to your order free of charge.