Hello again, it’s Xavier, your friendly warehouse manager and poppers tester here at Poppers4U.  It’s a good thing that I have lots of dirty stuff to test all the great solvent cleaners we have here at Poppers4U.  I’ve been in the Poppers4U test center once again together with a very friendly volunteer and we decided to test the Amsterdam family of poppers.  Look for our reviews of Amsterdam Gold and Amsterdam Platinum on their respective pages.

Original Amsterdam poppers are best described in my opinion as classic straightforward solvent cleaners.

Original Amsterdam

Original Amsterdam poppers have a distinct odor once opened and I sometimes associate the strength of the cleaner with the degree of scent but I am not always right about that.  Original Amsterdam poppers went right to work and did an excellent job of lifting stains and that made both my volunteer and I quite happy.  Once we saw how well Original Amsterdam solvent cleaner was working with both really relaxed and greatly enjoyed the rest of the test as we continued to put Original Amsterdam poppers to the test.

It was impossible to avoid quite the head rush as we were working in close quarters so if you chose Original Amsterdam poppers as your next solvent cleaner, be sure to work with plenty of space.

The first thing I noticed when my volunteer and I opened the bottle of Gold Amsterdam Poppers (solvent cleaner) was that there was not characteristic odor.

Gold Amsterdam

I was worried that we had a dud on our hands.  But very quickly thereafter I realized that this was a gentle and subtle but ultimately VERY effective cleaner indeed.  Once it started to work the effect was strong and yet not overpowering.  Our stains were lifted as were our spirits and, well, other things.  I think this is a great choice for a popper/solvent cleaner connoisseur who is looking for a highly effective product that presents with no strong odor and a gentle lifting of stains and spirits in the event that accidental exposure should occur.

Our experience of Platinum Amsterdam Poppers (solvent cleaner) was very positive.

Platinum Amsterdam

The first thing I, noticed was a slight odor, not as strong as with Original Amsterdam poppers but not absent as was the case with Gold Amsterdam poppers.  I have a bad habit of referring to our solvent cleaners as poppers, which is a street name, so please bear with me.  As was also true with Original Amsterdam poppers, there was an immediate effect unlike the very short wait for Gold Amsterdam poppers to take effect.  However, the effect was very gradual and very gentle, like lazily walking up a slight hill that ends up being higher than you at first expected.  And wow, what a view from the top of that Platinum Amsterdam poppers hill.  Platinum Amsterdam poppers, I mean solvent cleaner, is the choice for the ultimately discerning user.  Low odor, gradual but strong effect, and a nice highly relaxed and accepting plateau, Platinum Amsterdam poppers will not disappoint in terms of cleaning power but beware of the potential side effects due to accidental exposure which can be quite pleasant as far as side effects go.