Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga, your intrepid and, some say, overly generous Warehouse Manager.  I’ve been back in the testing center, this time with a repeat volunteer who comes to us from the United Kingdom, England to be specific.  I have continued on alphabetically and came to Pride brand.  Pride isn’t one of our big sellers and to be honest we had considered dropping it completely but then there was some strong interest this week so, while out of stock as of today, 20 December, we will bring it back on line next year.

I was super pleased with the results of using Pride!  Pride has a strong and classic poppers scent, so if that is important to you, and I know it is to a large percentage of my customers, you will be immediately happy.  There was really no lag time with Pride either; the effect was immediate and surprisingly strong and long lasting.  I say surprising because although I would rank Pride in the strongest tier of brands we sell, as I noted before, it doesn’t move off the shelves as well as I think it should given its effectiveness.  Suffice it to say that a good hit of Pride and the work at hand was finished tidily.

Pride Poppers Solvent Cleaners - Take Pride in a Job well done!
PRIDE! (10ml)

I have to wonder if the reason Pride is a slow seller is because Pride is associated with being gay.  It is true that Pride is targeted to a gay audience in that the bottle features gay pride flag colors, and the very word “pride” has connotations because of the prevalence of Pride parades and events.  But why should the brand name of your poppers be the deciding factor?  Would you rather purchase a product title that screams “I am a butch straight dude” with low to medium effect or rather a top notch strong product that produces the results you want but happens to have a gay associated name?  And here’s a hint, if the brand name really bugs you, but you like the effect, the heat shrunk plastic label peels off extremely easily so you could just turn Pride into a generic brown bottle of magic powers.  And, since we have been asked, using poppers doesn’t mean you are gay nor will using poppers make you gay.  So go ahead and try this really great product of which we will soon have the freshest possible supply since we are currently sold out.

Stay tuned to us here at Poppers4U.com for the latest “popping” news, product descriptions and reviews.  I intend to hit the testing center again soon to continue my alphabetical journey through out inventory and quite the inventory it is too with 48 different products.   My next adventure will be the beginning of the review of the PWD (Rush) brands, the first of which is Bolt!  Bolt doesn’t sell often so we’ll soon see if it is a sleeper product of awesome effectiveness or is Bolt a dolt of a popper!

I thank you for following my adventures in the testing center and beyond!