Our best pricing on Rush brand poppers, including original Rush, Super Rush, Super Rush Black, and Rush Gold, is found when you buy a box of 18 with pricing of $8.99 per bottle, almost 50% off of the regular $17.00 per bottle when bought individually.  But who needs 18 bottles?  Surely they would go stale long before you could use all 18!

We are going to let you in on a secret for storing poppers for as long as you like.  Freeze them!  Poppers are made with highly volatile chemicals which mean that they evaporate quickly at room temperatures.  Poppers kept at room temperature for long periods of time will degrade much faster than those kept refrigerated or frozen.  The freezing point of poppers is considerably lower than that for water so even if stored in a freezer they won’t turn solid.

IMG 1774 Medium
PWD Poppers in the Refrigerator

Any poppers you have should, ideally, be kept in the refrigerator when not in use.  When you want to use them let them come to room temperature first.  We understand that sometimes your need for poppers is unexpected so no one can blame you if you keep one bottle at room temperature ready to go at a moment’s notice.  However, to the extent that you can, and always with extra back up bottles, keep them refrigerated or frozen.

So, what does this bit of information have to do with getting the best price?  It’s simple!  If you know how to store poppers long term, and now you do, you can take advantage of our best pricing to stock up in units of 18, stick 17 bottles in the freezer, and enjoy a fresh supply for a long time at our best prices.

And one more special hint for readers of this post, something we don’t advertise to the general public; if you ask us in an email or text before we pack your order we are happy to mix and match all PWD Brands (Rush, Gold Rush, Super Rush, Super Rush Black, Bolt, Hardware, Iron Horse, Locker Room, Quick Silver, and Redrum) to your liking.  Just place your order the usual way for an 18 box of Rush and immediately send us a note or text (we pack and ship FAST) to let us know how you want us to make up the 18.  And if you just want one of the advertised single brand 18 packs there is no need to do anything extra.

IMG 1762
18 Pack PWD Brand Poppers

Now be sure and get those poppers in the fridge until you are ready to have some serious fun!