On a trip from Chicago to Denver across I-80 supplies had run low, and the video player needed cleaning.
With des Moines already in the rearview mirror, we scoped ahead zeroing in on Loveland, Nebraska at the end of 880.  Turns out there were no options so headed backdown i-29 toward Omaha with Lover Luxuries in our sites.  After a quick call to 402-932-3377 to confirm they were open, we cruised in around 6pm.  Clean store, plenty of gear and supplies for parties even the Lux Luxury prize wheel… A quick ask for head cleaners brought out the Rush Gold and Jungle Juice options… (Double scorpio black was sold out) rush poppers in Omaha
Resupplied and headed to stay the night in lincoln, we can vouch for the the quality.
If you are in the Omaha area swing by 6065 Maple St, if its late like us a brew from bensons brewery is a good choice but Hard Coffee co can have you set up for a local latte option.
From the road, in the upper midwest.  now you know where to buy poppers!
Know of other places to buy poppers nearby?
(Did we miss something in loveland?)
Let us know in the comments.