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poppers4u.com is an adult 18+ website. First, the website is for adult entertainment and education. And, for those seeking more information about poppers. Second,  website is not producing any products selling on this site. Also, this site is a third-party marketing reseller of nitrite based products. And, all products selling as multi-purpose solvent.

poppers4u.com is Educating Consumers

We educate buyers. So, find information about varieties of poppers. Also, we identify sites selling fakes. So, learn how to Spot Fakes quickly. Because, with any chemical compound we are against misuse and fakes.

Most of all, it’s important to understand products selling on this site do not contain amyl nitrite. They contain isobutyl nitrite. Nitrites are legal products and not to be confused with nitrates.

poppers4u.com is Only Selling Legal Products

This site sells only legal products. And, we do not condone use of this product inconsistent with manufactures directions. Hence, misuse of any nitrite based solvent is dangerous. Also, any combination of solvent misuse and prescription ED drugs causes a sever drop in blood pressure. This could result in possible death.

poppers4u.com is Against Inhaling Misuse

Furthermore, all the bottles selling on this site contain warnings against inhaling. Hence, this solvent product is only to be used in accordance to the label. Most relevant, these products are not for human consumption.

This site complies with CPSA, 15 USC 2051-2084, at 2057a, 2057b and 2068. These products are not for sale to minors. Finally, be aware to enter this site you agree to the Terms of Service. If you don’t agree with the Terms of Service then leave immediately. Otherwise, you are bound by the Terms of Service.

Finally, please see the No Return Policy. It’s your responsibility to ensure product is legal to ship to your local.

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