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Popper Storage Methods

Many consumers remain unclear about the best methods for storing solvent cleaners or poppers.  As long as they remain in their original seal, popper can remain fresh for years, especially if stored in cool and dry areas, refrigerated, or especially, frozen. Of course, the popper bottle has to be opened to be used and it […]

Where to Buy Poppers Online…Or Not

spot fake poppers

Although it may not always be obvious, many sites promoting and selling poppers these days are actually located overseas, usually in Europe but increasingly in China and other locations in Asia as well.  Absolutely you may buy many fine and excellent products from these locations but poppers may not be one of them for several […]

Should I Buy A 30ml or a 10ml Bottle? What Brand Should I Choose?

Jungle Juice MAX and Platinum in 10ml and 30ml Sizes

The difference between most of the popper sizes is a factor of 3, i.e. 10ml versus 30ml.  The 1oz size is roughly the same as a 30 ml.  There are also several 15ml sizes as well which are half of the 30ml. Most people buy 10ml bottles and there are more brand choices in the […]

Storing Poppers and Our Best Pricing

Our best pricing on Rush brand poppers, including original Rush, Super Rush, Super Rush Black, and Rush Gold, is found when you buy a box of 18 with pricing of $8.99 per bottle, almost 50% off of the regular $17.00 per bottle when bought individually.  But who needs 18 bottles?  Surely they would go stale […]