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Xavier Zuniga Reviews DV8, Pig Sweat, and English White Label

dv8 Poppers cleaner - Deviate!

As the warehouse manager here at Poppers4U I, Xavier Zuniga like to maintain a working knowledge of all the products we sell.  Our newest brand of solvent cleaner is DV8 (deviate) and I recently gave it a test run in our testing facility with a volunteer. To be honest, at first I was sort of […]

PWD Rush Poppers Are Among the Best

The PWD family of solvent cleaners, commonly called poppers, is among the pioneers of the industry.  PWD brands have been available since at least the 1970s and continue to be among the most popular brand families to this day.  The reason for the this longevity and popularity is simple: quality and consistency.  PWD brand poppers […]

Amsterdam Poppers Family Review

Amsterdam poppers family.

Hello again, it’s Xavier, your friendly warehouse manager and poppers tester here at Poppers4U.  It’s a good thing that I have lots of dirty stuff to test all the great solvent cleaners we have here at Poppers4U.  I’ve been in the Poppers4U test center once again together with a very friendly volunteer and we decided […]

Buy Poppers Online Now and Get the Best Deal

Check out our store and just look at all the amazing deals available ONLY if you buy poppers online NOW with Poppers4U!  We make it easy to get the best prices available when you buy poppers online because we have already created high value bundles that allow you to save with just one click.  Our […]

Wholesale Poppers Online

  Here at Poppers4U we offer a Wholesale pricing program that includes drop shipping directly to your retail location.  If you need 36 bottle or more of poppers, across the 53 varieties we sell, including the new and highly desired Double Scorpio brand, we are ready to work out the best possible deal to meet […]

Should I Buy A 30ml or a 10ml Bottle? What Brand Should I Choose?

Jungle Juice MAX and Platinum in 10ml and 30ml Sizes

The difference between most of the popper sizes is a factor of 3, i.e. 10ml versus 30ml.  The 1oz size is roughly the same as a 30 ml.  There are also several 15ml sizes as well which are half of the 30ml. Most people buy 10ml bottles and there are more brand choices in the […]