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CumUnion Sex Parties

CumUnion sex party locations are a hot international series of sex parties for men who lead a gay lifestyle. And, hosts more than 30+ monthly sex parties in 23 cities around the world. and CumUnion sex parties have joined together to bring you the best experience and safest sex party possible. Because, we want a safe, drug free environment and fun time for all. This is a drug free series of monthly sex parties for all who seek discriminating adult fun.

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CumUnion Parties

CumUnion sex parties are is an International party open to gay and bi-sexual men. First, started as a small sex party after the 2010 Dore Alley Street Fair in San Francisco.  Because the success of the first party, we spawned the second. And, following Folsom Street Fair.  Because the popularity of these two events, we began to have monthly sex parties on a regular basis. So, it wasn’t long before word spread. And, guys started to request CumUnion parties everywhere.

Today, we now host 30 plus monthly sex parties. Spanning 23 cities.  And, 3 countries around the world. So, what started as a local event, is now international.

CumUnion Parties

What makes CumUnion parties unique is that we offer a judgement-free environment for men to meet and enjoy themselves. CumUnion prides itself on being a PRO-CHOICE party where individuals can decide for themselves what sexual behaviors and activities are appropriate for them.  Based on that, they can take the necessary measures to protect themselves from HIV and other sexual diseases. Also, our parties always have a great vibe and lots of hot men who are into the same things you are.