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Rush Poppers

Over the last 50 years, rush poppers have been the go to cleaner for generations… Whether you are 18 or 58 enjoy the consistent quality, and standard by with all other poppers online or in store are judged by. Which is why caution should be taken to avoid by FAKE or counterfeit poppers.. We buy direct from the manufacturer… and weekly orders ensure the best poppers available, compare that to the dusty mystery bookstore variety of poppers. For example, poppers are solvent cleaners and should NEVER say finger nail polish remover, rush poppers never come in a single unit box and the bottle will not say rush… all cheap fakes.

Double Scorpio Poppers

Some of the newest artisanal “tape cleaner” double scorpio poppers bring some of the finest VCR head cleaners to the market.. What makes them different? Purity! When you buy double scorpio it is triple filtered to remove impurities and other contaminents. Making it smooth and able to clean more thoroughly, whether cleaning clocks, or keeping tapes ready to groove. Step up to Double Scorpio Gold and have the most premium tape cleaner on the market!

When you buy rush poppers online. Always be careful. Rush Popper fraud is rampant.. Recently brands like Jungle Juice poppers and Amsterdam poppers are also showing up counterfeited. Learn how to spot fake poppers for sale.

Buy PWD Rush Poppers Online

A Popper is a slang for solvent cleaners used to classify bottles of a liquid chemical called nitrites. We legally sell online poppers solvent cleaners manufactured for sale in the USA.   Nitrites should not be confused with nitrates.  Amyl nitrate is a prescription drug, try walgreens or CVS but we don’t ever sell amyl here (it would be illegal).
All cleaning solvents are legally manufactured solvents in the USA compliant with CPSA, 15 USC 2051-2084, at 2057a, 2057b and 2068.

Buy Poppers Online

Most noteworthy, Rush Poppers and all brand solvents should not be abused in any manner.  Solvent inhalation can interact with other drugs. For example, combining poppers with Viagra may affect blood pressure and cause harm or even death.

Buy Poppers Online – No Return Policy

Finally, all poppers online sales are final. No returns. So, make sure the product is legal for use and to receive poppers by mail to your community. We adhere to a strict no return policy.   If you have questions, please Contact Us prior to ordering. You are solely responsible for the legality of solvents in your local jurisdiction, or nearby.   We sell all our products only in the USA. Again, once shipped there are no returns. If there is damage poppers by mail shipping, contact us. When buying poppers for sale, choose carefully.  poppers4u.com is a marketing company. On this site you can buy poppers online. Rush Poppers and all other online popper brands belong to the respective owners.  Furthermore, we only sell real genuine products. We value you as a customer and we work hard to maintain customer satisfaction. Contact us at anytime for assistance. Contact Us.

Hanky Code and Poppers

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