Why Blue Boy as the best Poppers of 2020?

BLue Boy Best Poppers of 2020 - 30ml


2020 has been one of the toughest years in a hundred years.  Given how much COVID 19 has impacted our spaces and places, and limited our contacts.  Concerts canceled, parties canceled, clubs and bars closed… We’ve all been just a bit more sad…  

Blue Boy or maybe more appropriately Blue Boys (as I know many guys whose have been!) made sense.  

So Blue Boy is it… and we look to a happier time in 2021! 


Nitro Supra Extra Strength - Solvent Cleaner / PoppersBlue boy as been a popular standard for many years. The Dutch formula known for serious cleaning power.
Check out Xavier’s review of Blue Boys to learn more about blue boy’s cleaning ability


Runner up by popular vote was Nitro Supra, also one of a collection of blue label poppers.


Try out both the 2018 Best Poppers winner Taiwan Blue  and Blue Boy in our Blue Boys Best Poppers Bundle

Best Poppers of 2020 - blue boy

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