Frequently Asked Question: How can I make my solvent cleaner last as long as possible?

  FAQ: How can I make my solvent cleaner last as long as possible? We have lots of first hand experience with ways to make solvent cleaners last longer and we are happy to share some ideas with you below. Solvent cleaners degrade when they are exposed to the oxygen and water vapor in the […]

Fake Poppers Are Flooding the Market

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Fake Poppers Are Flooding the Market Be aware that fake poppers are flooding the United States marketplace.  Most of the counterfeit poppers seem to be coming in from China.  Fake poppers have unpredictable effects, often little to no effect at all, and they may be dangerous as we have seen with other faked and adulterated […]

Should I Buy A 30ml or a 10ml Bottle? What Brand Should I Choose?

Jungle Juice MAX and Platinum in 10ml and 30ml Sizes

The difference between most of the popper sizes is a factor of 3, i.e. 10ml versus 30ml.  The 1oz size is roughly the same as a 30 ml.  There are also several 15ml sizes as well which are half of the 30ml. Most people buy 10ml bottles and there are more brand choices in the […]

Storing Poppers and Our Best Pricing

Our best pricing on Rush brand poppers, including original Rush, Super Rush, Super Rush Black, and Rush Gold, is found when you buy a box of 18 with pricing of $8.99 per bottle, almost 50% off of the regular $17.00 per bottle when bought individually.  But who needs 18 bottles?  Surely they would go stale […]

Branded Shipment Tracking

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Free detailed tracking on EVERY order During Covid, poppers 4 u overhauled the order fulfillment process, launching improvements to shipment tracking and email updates when the package ships, and when it is delivered! Fast Processing 95% of all orders ship the same day funding is completed. When paying with Crypto, apple cash or zelle payments […]

Isobutyl Nitrite When Inhaled

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The primary effect of poppers on the body is involuntary smooth muscle relaxation.  This primary effect leads to several potentially useful side effects, and it is for these side effects that poppers are most commonly used. The original discovery of the effect of poppers on the body was in 1867 (the chemical base of the […]