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Wholesale Poppers Online Now

Wholesale poppers online now have been around a long time. Because they are good. Also, wholesale poppers online now enjoy top ratings. So, buy wholesale poppers online now. And get the best poppers today. The line up includes Jungle Juice Plus, Jungle Juice Black Label, Jungle Juice Gold, Jungle and Jungle Juice MAX.

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Wholesale poppers online now. Most notably, the most potent sibling, Platinum. Hence, the labels pictured above. Click on image to go to Store. But, beware of fake imitations. Chinese cheap fakes are flooding the market.

Wholesale Poppers Online Now

First, known by many to be one of the best poppers. Because of their potency. And, because of staying power. So, by that we mean duration. Hence, more bang for the buck. And more time for your ride.

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Be careful. There are lots of fakes on the market. We offer real Jungle Juice sample packages such as the picture. So, you get the full experience. Learn how to spot fakes. Learn More

Jungle Juice Gold

Just like the best selling Rush. There is Jungle Juice Plus, Jungle Juice Black, Jungle Juice Gold, and Jungle Juice MAX. They all rock and have staying power as good as any other poppers on the market. There are just subtle differences and you’ll really just have to pick out your favorite of the bunch.  JJ Black is very concentrated and powerful.  Definitely try that one out as well as the that is just a standing favorite.

Jungle Juice Platinum Poppers Online

poppers4u.com ships these jungle juice poppers to you fast. So, we make it easy to grab a bunch of authentic poppers and let the testing begin. You will want to try the whole selection. We know you will be happy. So go to the Store now

Beware of Side Effects

The euphoric effect is much the same as being high. Common side effects include headaches, shortness of breath, irregular and/or fast heartbeat, and occasional loss of erection (due to the blood pressure drop).

The headaches are most common side effect, and can result from the odor of the specific formula in a given popper jar, or can result from an overdose. Taking more than 6 hits in a short time (1-2 minutes), or a lot of hits over a long period of time (there is a popper video that has you take something like 60 hits in 15 minutes) are likely to cause this. The duration, severity, and odds of the headaches happening at all are entirely variable from user to user, and even from formula to formula. Nausea is possible, but seems to be extremely uncommon unless you’ve got a very old batch of poppers.

There is no known physical addictive property to poppers

Psychological addiction – like pretty much ANYTHING that feels good – is certainly possible. There are no confirmed long-term side effects; there was a study that linked poppers with an increased risk of HIV, but that was because popper users wanted anal sex more often, and so therefore were more likely to catch the disease than the general population. Correlation, not causation.


These chemicals are flammable. No, really. REALLY flammable. Do not smoke anywhere near them. They can cause chemical burns. The greater the oxidization of the active ingredient, the more potent the burn can become. Ensure that you don’t get this stuff on your skin (especially the rim of your nostril). For god’s sake don’t drink it.

Proper Storage

Poppers should be stored in a dark, cool (not freezing) environment. Once opened, a chemical reaction with oxygen will occur, breaking down the active ingredient and creating a distinctive odor likened to old socks. This will cause the popper to lose effectiveness over time. If used a couple times a week (12-24 hits per session, taking a couple of hits at a time and recapping), and properly stored, a 10mL popper jar will last approximately a month. Six weeks at the outside. More frequent use, improper storage, or failure to recap the jar will kill the popper in a matter of days.

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