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crossdressing clothing
Cross-dressing clothing is the art of wearing clothing worn by the opposite sex. So, men can dress like women. And, women can dress like men. Since, there is no right or wrong way to cross-dress it’s easy to find cross-dressing clothing.

Cross-dressing Clothing

First, pick a theme. Because women come in all shapes. And sizes. So, pulling off a male-to-female cross-dressing clothing transformation will depend on your body type and your target body type.

Cross-dressing Clothing – Theme

Most relevant, pick a role model to emulate. And, somebody who has the same general body type as you. Because, If you start from the same place as your role model, you’ll do well. Also, by using a role model, you will have a pattern for walking. Moving. Dressing and speaking.

Cross-dressing Clothing – Alter Your Shape

Alter your shape. Because, first impression is based on their shape. And, the point where it’s instinctive. Since, guys  have smaller hips and butts than women. Not only that, there’s not much going on up front. So, the first thing to do is fix those bits.

Cross-dressing Clothing – Curves Ahead

Most importantly, you want to look the part. But naturally, guys just don’t have the curves that women have. It’s nature, but mother nature can be fooled! So, to achieve a more feminine look, you can use waist-cinching undergarments or corsets to achieve a more hourglass figure. You can also add padded panties, or silicon butt pads to bump the rear.

Clothing – Tuck and Tape

Tuck and tape boys. While there is expensive underwear that can disappear your package faster than a fly-by-night delivery service, you an also do this easily and cheaply with a pair of panty hose and some tape. Medical tape, not duct tape—please, for your own sake!

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