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poppers drug

Poppers Drug Side Effects

Poppers drug is slang for solvent cleaner when a person inhales fume. And, used recreationally as club drug and aphrodisiac since 1970’s. Most notably, poppers are popular with both the gay and straight lifestyle.

Poppers Slang For Solvent

First of al, solvents turn to gas fume at room temperature. So, this is when they are inhaled. Also, solvents are legally sold in small vials or brown bottles. Poppers or solvent cleaner are not sold for human consumption.

‘Rush’ Euphoria

Poppers are inhaled for a ‘rush’ of euphoria. Because the chemical mix dilates blood vessels and relaxes muscles. The effect lasts about five minutes. Seems like they are being used as a recreational high on a regular basis.

The name poppers is slang. Because the lids or caps of the glass vials or tubes that contained the liquid are ‘popped off’ so the contents can be inhaled.

Poppers in one form or another have been around for ages. Seems like, most people regard poppers as relatively safe. Because, today they are most often made with isopropyl nitrate.

Not everyone reacts to poppers in the same way. And, while one person may use poppers repeatedly without any side effects, some others do. Most notably, headaches are very common when poppers are inhaled.

Poppers Research

There isn’t much research on poppers for several reasons. Most notably, many health care professionals¬†do not know about the recreational use of poppers.

Doctors want people to realize that poppers can potentially be harmful. Because, poppers are not meant to be inhaled. So, just like with any chemical, this site does not condone misuse of solvent cleaners. Also, when inhaled and mixed with erection medications like Viagra or Cialis poppers could cause harmful blood pressure levels. So, avoidance of poppers – is therefore key.

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