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Fake Poppers Flooding Market

Alert. Fake poppers flooding market. First, Know How to Spot Fakes. Because, the market is being flooded with lots of popper fakes. Furthermore, most of the popper fakes are Rush poppers, and they seem to be coming from China. Seems like Rush poppers are the target brand, because they are the most popular. However, you need to watch out for popper fakes all over, including Jungle Juice poppers. Because, the counterfeiters are putting the PWD brand logo on non PWD products. Take a look at pictures below.

Popper Fakes Do Not Have Rush Brand on Bottom

For example, Amsterdam poppers are not a PWD brand. Instead of being PWD, it’s not. poppers4u.com only sells the real USA PWD brand. If it’s not in this picture, it’s not PWD. Because all PWD products come in plain bottles. And, no names embossed into the glass. Also, all licensed PWD Solvents say Pac-West Distributing NV LLC on the label. Therefore, it’s really simple to spot fake PWD.

fake poppers fake poppers

Look for Red Cap

Also the small (10ml) Rush, Super Rush and Gold Rush all have PWD USA logo caps in red. Real original PWD poppers no longer has the PWD LOGO on the bottom of the bottle.  The CHINA counterfeiters and others have already copied these bottles.  It has been well over two years since PWD products were authorized to be put in PWD logo bottles.

Popper Fakes Do a Quick Check

Do a quick check of the label on the bottle.  ALL PWD products will have our name on the back label. It should read, PAC-WEST DISTRIBUTING NV LLC. If your bottle does not have our exact name on the label, it is not genuine PWD! Also, all of our solvent products are labeled as solvent cleaner. So, not aroma and not nail polish remover. Finally, be safe. And be sure. Learn how to spot fake poppers.For more PWD products click Here.

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