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Popper Storage Methods

Popper storage methods are generally misunderstood. First of all. And, despite the opinions of many, popper solvents are non-perishable for several years. Provided, popper solvents remain unopened. And, in the original package. In addition, poppers stored in the dark seem to last longer.

Once Popper Solvents Opened

Once opened, it’s always best to use them right away. Hence, the freshness of the solvent. Consequently, left to sit, poppers loose their aroma. Therefore use them within a period of 3 weeks for best results. Rather then using them right away it could be ok to hermetically seal them. And, then as many people think stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer compartment for up to 6 weeks.

Storage in Refrigerator or Freezer

Especially relevant, upon removing from refrigerator or freezer, do not open the bottle. Because of the moist liquid on the cold bottle. Almost immediately, moistness appears because of the contact between room temperature and the cold glass. Seems like the beer glass effect. Consequently, popper solvents change into bad smelling liquid after a few weeks. So, wait until the bottle adapts to room temperature before opening it. Also, do not heat it. Otherwise, it will break the glass bottle. Most of all, it’s worth waiting. Because at room temperature, poppers are far more intense than cold ones. Popper storage methods are important. So take care.

Popper Storage Methods between Brands

Most noteworthy, with correct popper storage methods, differences in strengths between the various brands is remarkable. Sees like that’s why a lot of people stick to the best selling PWD Brands, Rush, Super Rush, Gold Rush, Hardware, LockerRoom, Iron Horse.  Also simply because of the bigger bottles that can last longer and cheaper in long run. Remember, only the real, original sealed brands of popper solvents should be stored. Open popper solvents should be used as soon as possible for the strongest effects. For more PWD products, click Here.
popper storage

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