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making poppers last

Tips on How to Make Poppers Last

Making Poppers Last

Making poppers last. Is it possible to make poppers last? First, this is a FAQ. And perhaps the number one question. While we don’t have scientific data, we do have personal experience. So be blow find out and learn what we do to make poppers last.

Making Poppers Last – Tip #1

First, buy your solvent poppers in the 30ml or large bottle size. Because you get a better deal on bigger bottles. Then, pour the popper solvent into a smaller bottle. Since, it degrades every time you are  exposing the bottles to the air. When using the smaller bottle you keep the rest untouched. Therefore it lasts longer.

Making Poppers Last – Tip #2

Secondly, you can reduce exposing poppers to the air by using a small cotton ball. So, pour some of the liquid solvent into the cotton ball. And, then put the cotton ball into a small jar or empty bottle. This will reduce the solvent from being exposed to air every time you open them.

Making Poppers Last – Tip #3

Most noteworthy, store Rush poppers in cool dark places. Furthermore, make sure you tighten the cap. Resealing the cap is important. So close that cap so you don’t smell a scent of popper. Sealing the cap tightly helps make poppers last.

Making Poppers Last – Readers Suggestion

Our reader, Jeff writes he has been using silica gel.  It’s been mentioned before, but I’m not sure if anyone admits to trying it. First, put 2 silica balls into a small bottle of poppers. Put 3 silica balls in the larger bottles after the first use. Then, I give them a shake. And store them upside down. Because, upside down the solvent self-seals the bottle.

Finally, you may also consider storing popper solvent in the freezer when not in use. As with anything in the freer, it just last longer.


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