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Counterfeit Poppers and Fake Solvents

Counterfeit poppers. Because, Chinese fake poppers flooding the market. So, careful buying popper solvent. Because, making sure you know how to spot the fakes prevents a mishap. And, it takes one minute to learn, So, taking time now learning to spot the fakes pays off. You can learn even more here; Rush and Fakes

counterfeit poppers

Spot Fake Poppers

Chinese pirates selling the fake poppers are putting Rush poppers brand logo on bottle. Furthermore, the brand Amsterdam is not a PWD product. So, if the Amsterdam bottle has a PWD logo on it, then it is fake. Most relevant, Amsterdam poppers are a good product. However, it is not made by PWD.

Fake Poppers – Here are real PWD Brands

Most importantly, all PWD solvent brands are pictured below. So, if it is not in the picture then it’s not PWD solvent.  And, it is fake. Because, if the PWD logo appears anywhere on the bottle you know it’s fake. If you don’t see it here in this picture, it is not PWD.

counterfeit poppers

    It’s very simple. All PWD licensed products all have a label reading Made in USA, PAC-West Distributing NV LLC on the bottle label.

    Finally, real PWD Rush poppers no longer show PWD solvent logo on the bottom of the bottle. The Chinese counterfeiters have already copied the bottles. Because, over two years ago PWD stopped putting PWD logo bottles. So, if you see PWD on bottle, then it’s fake.

    Most important, do a quick check of the label on the bottle. Because, all real PWD solvent products have made by PAC-WEST DISTRIBUTING NV LLC on the label.

    Fake Poppers Bottom Line

    If your product does not have our exact name on the label, it is not genuine PWD! All of our liquid products are labeled as solvent cleaner. Not aroma. Not nail polish remover.

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