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What are poppers? Also, see Wikipedia which is always free.
First of all, there is a wide selection of brands, sizes and aromas available today.  While sold legally as a solvent they should not be inhaled. Yet, many men and woman do use poppers as inhalants. Because they are used as a preparation for sexual encounters. Because they cause a rush, many people, both straight and gay use them at dance night clubs.
While, a selection of poppers is always a good idea, make sure they are real. Not a Chinese fake imitation. And, you never know when you will need a popper rush. In addition, the word poppers is a slang word. Because, broadly speaking it’s slang term for the chemical categoryreferred to asalkyl group nitrites.

Furthermore, poppers  have different interactions with differentmedicines.  Almost never should they be inhaled if you taking Viagra.

Substances containing alkyl nitrites other than amyl nitrite are readily available at many retailers – typically, sex shops and head shops – in the United States and may be purchased legally. In retail formulations, they are labeled as video head cleaners, nail polish removers, or room odorizers.

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