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Rush Sex Inhalant

Rush poppers are a popular substance being used by gay men as well as straight. And, they are using them as a recreational drug to increase sexual arousal. Also, considered a party or sex drug. So, chances are you’ve seen one of these small brown bottles laying around at a party or bedroom.

Poppers is slang for a variety of different alkyl nitrites solutions, particularly amyl nitrite. And, available over the counter. Also, typically they come in little brown bottles. The nitrates are a yellowish, strong smelling and flammable. Inhaling the vapor delivers a high right to the system.

Rush Liquid

Poppers are a yellowish, highly flammable, pungent-smelling liquid. First, you inhale their vapors as the method of delivery to your system. And, then feel a sense of power. In addition, they vary by strength. Almost, all are packaged in small brown bottles. Seems like, today poppers are the main ingredient for gay men who want to relax or are seeking a little extra during sex.

Rush Inhalant

Rush poppers relax key muscles such as the sphincter of the anus. So, anal sex less painful. Yet, poppers also cause blood vessels to dilate. Most notably, causing drop blood pressure and increasing heart rate. As a result, users experience a flush feeling and increased sexual arousal. The effect lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the strength.

Rush Popper Side Effects

Although Rush can enhance sexual experiences, there are some side effects. Side effects include headaches, sudden changes in blood pressure and potential loss of arousal after a few minutes.

Popper Risks

There are a few risks associate with poppers use. Since, poppers enlarge blood vessels and increase blood flow. They can also impair judgment, leading to unprotected anal sex. Because, of there is an increased risk of HIV transmission during use. A tear or fissure in the rectal walls during anal sex, combined with unprotected sex and increased blood flow can increase the risk of transmitting the virus. At its most severe, poppers combined with Viagra (which also lowers blood pressure) can be fatal.

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